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Dyno Tuning

What does “Dyno Tuning” your bike even mean?

Simply put, a dyno tune is making adjustments to your bike's ignition, fuel, and air supply to achieve the most possible horsepower and torque while maintaining the optimum air-fuel ratio.

To do this we use our state of the art Dynamometer (dyno). It is equipped with the most up to date information and technology available and is the only Dyno in the area that can properly tune Trikes as well!

Our Dyno Technicians here at Four Rivers Harley-Davidson® have been factory trained by Harley-Davidson® Instructors themselves! Not everyone can say that!

Running your bike(s) on our dyno does so much more than tell you horsepower and torque. It can look into your motorcycle and configure air/fuel mixture, cam timing, clutch slippage, and whether your bike is in need of a tune-up. It can even detect whether your speedo or tachometer are calibrated properly. All that is only the beginning...

Think your bike runs okay now? Let our experienced dyno tuning staff give you an evaluation of our state of the art dyno to verify that your bike is tuned properly. Pinpoint tuning is important and can do several things to enhance your bike; here are just a few for you to consider:

1. INCREASE FUEL ECONOMY... Prices at the pump are killing everybody these days; a bike that is tuned properly can dramatically increase fuel economy.

2. ENGINE TEMPERATURE... A bike that is tuned too lean will run hotter than a bike that is properly tuned. Tuning your bike for the correct air/fuel (A/F) ratio will provide you with an engine that will run cooler, last longer, and be more enjoyable to ride.

3. INCREASE PERFORMANCE... Are you happy with the performance of your bike? Tuning your motorcycle can increase the horsepower (HP) and torque (TQ) with the current setup in your engine now. Increased HP and TQ are not uncommon with just proper tuning.

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